Fei Completes MV Filming, Release Date Not Set

According to JYP Entertainment, Fei is currently recording for her solo album, however, there is no set date yet for the album release. The agency also said that it is not yet the stage for detailed information about the MV shooting situation to be revealed.

Fei finished shooting for her music video as of last week, and there have been reports that she is going to release her solo songs digitally on the 18th. On this, JYP specifically commented, “It is true that Fei is in the midst of preparing, but we have not yet decided on the release date.”

Before that, initial information about Fei’s upcoming solo had been revealed by JYP, stating “If it is possible, Fei might make her solo debut during summer. She has been preparing for her album since last year, with certain parts of the album still in discussion.”

After Jia’s departure in May, miss A is left with three members, of which Fei will be the first to make a solo debut. In other news, Suzy will return to the small screen with her appearance in KBS2 drama, “Uncontrollable Fond”, which will start airing on the 6th.


Source: Herald POP

All visual media courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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