EXO Members Wear All Black Outfits with Yellow Ribbons to Airport in Remembrance of Sewol Tragedy

Yesterday, EXO headed to the airport to attend a scheduled event in Japan.

In remembrance of the Sewol Ferry disaster, which occurred exactly one year ago on April 16 in Korea, all of the EXO group members wore black outfits accessorized by a small yellow ribbon to the airport.

The yellow ribbon was adopted by Korea and the world as a symbol of hope last year when the ferry was sinking and divers were still searching for victims to rescue.

moonROK is still encouraging our readers to contribute to the Sewol Memorial Forest in order to support the familes of the victims of last year’s tragedy, so be sure to check out how to donate after you check out EXO’s pictures below!


Source: Naver

All images courtesy of original owners
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