EXID’s Solji Wins ‘Mask King’ Singing Competition

EXID‘s Solji won first place on MBC’s “Mystery Music Show: Mask King.”

On the 18th, MBC held a special one-episode contest show called “Mask King” in which the “Mosaic Censor” contestant won and was finally revealed to be EXID’s Solji.

“Mask King” is a program where singers, artists, and others in the entertainment industry come in elaborate masks and compete for the title of best singer.

When the Feathered Orange contestant and the Mosaic Censor contestant were up against each other in the final round, the tension and excitement were only heightened by the fact that the identities of the two masked contestants were still a mystery, even to the judges. Feathered Orange sang “Fate” by Lee Sunhee and Mosaic Censor sang Gummy’s “We Should’ve Been Friends,” both them perfectly delivering their emotions through these ballads.

Near the end of the program when Mosaic Censor was named the winner, due to the secretive mask rule, even the judges were still stumped as to who was behind the winner’s mask. The producers followed Mosaic Censor back to the waiting room, where she revealed herself to be Solji.

Solji has recieved love not only for her activities in EXID, but also from her days in the ballad duo 2NB, who released their first single album “First Scent” back in 2006.

The show also featured Kim Sungjoo, Kim Gura, Kim Jungnam, Ji Sangryeol, ZE:A‘s Kwanghee, Girls’ Day‘s Yura, B1A4‘s Sandeul, Shin Bongsun, Yoomoo, Hwang Sukjung, and Kim Hyungseok as panel members and Kim Yewon (Feathered Orange), Hong Jinyoung (Lovely Heart Bbyong Bbyong), K. Will (Opera Star), Lee Deokjin (Starry Night Spirit), Won Kijoon (Duchess), Jo Kwon (Bluebird), and Shin Bora (Glowing 14K).


Source: Sports World

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