EXID Makes Official Statement on Chinese “Up Down” Music Video

EXID | moonROK
Audio and visual media courtesy of Banana Culture Entertainment


EXID recently released a Chinese version music video of their hit song “Up Down,” but had to remove the video and reupload a newly edited version due to claims of cultural insensitivity in the video.

On the 11th, Chinese media reported that EXID’s Chinese version of “Up Down” had been taken down within a day of being uploaded. The reason for it being taken down could be due to either the recent ban in China on Korean media exports, which includes Kpop, or it could be due to the fact that the video showed the members of EXID in revealing qipao style outfits in front of a set made to look like the Forbidden City in Beijing.

On the 12th, a representative from EXID’s agency, Banana Culture Entertainment, made a statement saying, “After assessing that there was an issue with the video, we removed it and reuploaded a newly edited version. We decided the scenes filmed on the set made to look like the Forbidden City were problematic, and have deleted them. During filming, even the Chinese staff working on set thought that it was okay, and it was only after the video was uploaded that and some time had passed that we found out there was an issue and decided to re-edit the video.”

Meanwhile, member Hani will be releasing a collaboration track with f(Luna) and MAMAMOO’s Solar on the 19th, so stay tuned to moonROK for more news on that and all your other favorite Kpop artists!


Source: XSports News

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