EXID Announces March Comeback

Girl group EXID, now known as “Resurgence Legends” for their song “Up Down,” have just announce that they plan a comeback in March.

On the 21st, a representative announced that they were in the midst of comeback preparations, such as meeting with songwriters to choose their next song.

Last August, EXID released the single “Up Down,” and finished promotions without event. However, this January, the song rose to the top of the charts again, earning them the title “Resurgence Legends.” When a fancam of an “Up Down” stage performance started gathering attention online months after promotions ended, the siezed the chance to make the most of their second chance and utlized their burst in popularity.

Yedang Entertainment stated, “We feel that a quick comeback would be the most beneficial. We are currently in the process of choosing a great new song. Very soon we will be able to return to present a new song to the fans.”

Will their newest song be able to compete with EXID’s legendary resurgence of popularity?


Source: StarNews

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  1. PeaceofMind05 7 years ago
    Good luck to them. Up & Down was a huge hit. Hopefully, they keep it up and release good songs.

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