Ex-TRAX Member No Minwoo Loses Lawsuit with SM

No Minwoo, an SM actor and former TRAX member known as Rose, lost the lawsuit he filed against his agency, SM Entertainment, for monetary reparations.

On the 21st, the Central Seoul Civil Case Court ruled in favor of SM Entertainment in the ₩150 million won settlement case (approximately $132,000).

In November 2015, No Minwoo filed the suit against SM, and his representative stated that, “From 2004 when he debuted with TRAX until he was able to leave the group in 2006, SM managed him poorly as an artist. Even after leaving, SM actively blocked him from promoting as an artist. The original contract he signed was a 17 year contract, which has since been ruled illegal, and his contract should be therefore nullified.”

At the ruling, the judge stated, “There is not sufficient evidence that SM either managed No Minwoo or prevented him from promoting after leaving the group,” thereby ruling in favor of SM Entertainment.


Source: Herald POP


All visual media courtesy of Herald POP
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