Epik High’s Mithra Jin to Marry Actress Kwon Dahyun in October

It looks like Epik High‘s last remaining bachelor is tying the knot.

Rapper Mithra Jin will be marrying actress Kwon Dahyun, who he’s been publicly dating since December of last year.

Mithra Jin appeared on Tablo‘s radio show “Tablo’s Dreaming Radio” on August 10, where he stated, “I have some good news”.

Tablo responded by saying, “Oh my god… could it be??”

Mithra Jin then announced, “I am finally getting married. The wedding ceremony will be this October. I wanted to tell everyone first. It would be really great if everyone congratulated us.”

Mithra Jin is the last of the Epik High crew to get married, as Tablo and DJ Tukutz both married their wives in October of 2009.

Congratulations to the couple on their upcoming wedding!


Source: StarNews


Image courtesy of Kwon Dahyun
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