Epik High Releases ‘Shoebox’ Album Sampler

Epik High, who just made their return with their new single “Born Hater,” has just released a sampler of their forthcoming album, “Shoebox.”

The album is set to be released on October 21st at midnight online, and on October 22nd offline.

Check out the tracklist and album sampler for Epik High’s “Shoebox” below, and stay tuned to moonROK for more udpates on your favorite artists and idols.

1. Encore
2. Happen Ending feat. Joe Won Son of Roller Coaster
3. Rich feat. Taeyang
4. Spoiler
5. Burj Khalifa feat. Yankie, Gaeko
6. We Fight Ourselves feat. Younha
7. Amor Fati feat. Kim Jong Wan of Nell
8. Born Hater feat. BeenzinoVerbal JintMino, B.I, Bobby
9. Lesson 5 (Timeline)
10. Life is Good feat. Jay Park
11. Eyes Nose Lips feat. Taeyang
12. Shoebox feat. MYK


Source: YG Entertainment

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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