D.O’s ‘Pathcode’ Teaser Reveals that EXO’s ‘Call Me Baby’ Pre-Release Was No Surprise

With the release of D.O’s “Pathcode” teaser about 30 minutes ago, EXO fans have realized that today’s concurrent suprise pre-release of “Call Me Baby” was no a surprise at all.

Each individual EXO member’s teaser took place in different parts of the world, and as it turns out, the names of those locations spell out “Call Me Baby.” As seen in the picture here, the various members’ teasers and locations spell it out as such:

Colorado (D.O)
Arizona (Chanyeol
London (Kai)
Lyon (Baekhyun)

Marseille (Suho
Edinburgh (Sehun)

Barcelona (Tao)
Almaty (Chen)
Berlin (Xiumin)
Yunnan (Lay)


The award for the sneakiest, most intricate comeback plan so far this year definitely goes to EXO, and kudos to the fans who figured it out!

EXO’s new album “EXODUS” will drop on March 30, along with the music video for their new single “Call Me Baby,” so be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates on it all.


Source: EXO International

Image courtesy of EXO International
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