DJ Friz Uploads Silly Group Selfie Picturing Sulli and Choiza Together

Looks like Sulli and Choiza are still going strong!

Amoeba Culture artist DJ Friz uploaded a picture to his personal Instagram earlier today showing multiple Amoeba culture artists and ex-f(x) member Sulli making silly faces into the camera.

The post is drawing an immense amount of attention due to the fact that Sulli and Choiza, who were long ago confirmed to be dating, are pictured together in it.

The couple had a rocky start together as the media and public continuously hounded the two before SM Entertainment finally confirmed their relationship, but it looks like despite all of the hurdles they encountered, the couple is happy and adorable as ever.

The Instagram post also features an appearance by Crush and Dynamic Duo member Gaeko, though it’s it bit hard to tell considering how well they’ve contorted their faces.

Sulli also recently opened up her own Instagram account, so be sure to follow it here!


Source: DJ Friz Instagram

Image courtesy of DJ Friz
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