Davichi Talks Secrets to Their Success, the Kpop Phenomenon, and New Album

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By: Hannah Waitt, moonROK Editor-in-Chief
Riley Tollett, moonROK Editor


Last weekend marked KCON’s fifth annual convention in Los Angeles, and for three days, Kpop fans and artists alike descended upon the city.

Amongst the artists performing at the event were vocal powerhouse duo, Davichi.

Known as the best balladeers in Korea, Kang Minkyung and Lee Haeri have carved out a unique space for themselves in the music industry, forgoing the typically high-energy Kpop choreography and performance style to sing soulful ballad duets. Davichi debuted in 2008, and with over 8 years of experience in the Kpop industry, the duo has a unique perspective on the genre’s international growth over the past few years.

Kang Minkyung and Lee Haeri took time out of their chaotic KCON schedule to sit down with moonROK and talk briefly about how Kpop has changed over the years, who they want to collaborate with, and when we can expect a new album from Davichi.


How has Davichi managed to remain so successful for nearly 10 years in such a volatile industry?

Minkyung: Right now in Korea, there aren’t a lot of people who sing ballads. So I think we have a unique feeling in that regard. 

Haeri: And wouldn’t our teamwork also be our secret to longevity? 


What would you say has changed most about Kpop or the Korean music industry since the time of your debut until now?

Minkyung: When we first debuted, there weren’t a lot of idol groups. There really wasn’t anyone besides Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls. Over time as more and more and more idol groups came about, they attracted foreign attention and made an impression with their group choreography and cool performances.


You’re about to perform in Los Angeles in front of a crowd of thousands — did you ever imagine Korean music would resonate with a foreign audience the way it has?

Haeri: It seems like Kpop has really blown up in such a short amount of time. This is the first time we’ve come to LA [to perform], and we were so surprised because there are so many foreigners here. We thought that the audience would be at least 50% Koreans, but like 89% of the people here are non-Koreans. So we thought, “Wow, so this is really how big Kpop is.” We were completely surprised.


The two of you have had the opportunity to collaborate with so many great artists — if you could work with any of other artist, who would you choose?

Minkyung: Out of all the Korean singers, I want to collaborate with a another female vocalist. Maybe Taeyeon or IU.


Can we expect any new music from Davichi in the near future?

Minkyung: We are preparing really diligently right now. We’re aiming for the end of September or early October for a new mini album.


That’s all the time we have for today, is there anything else you’d like to say to our MoonROK viewers?

Minkyung: Hello moonROK readers, we’ve come all the way to LA to perform at KCON. We hope that we can continue to meet all of you for a long time into the future, and we hope that you will continue to show Davichi love.

Haeri: And since our new album comes out in the fall, we hope that you’ll get excited for the release and love the album. moonROK fighting!

BothmoonROK fighting!!!


We’ll have more exclusives from KCON coming at you very soon, so be sure to stick around moonROK for interviews and pictures from Kpop’s biggest event.

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