Dal Shabet Submits Lyric Changes to ‘JOKER’ in Hopes of Being Deemed Fit for Broadcast

Dal Shabet‘s newest single “JOKER” is under reconsideration after recently being deemd by KBS to be ineligible for broadcast.

On April 21, the group’s agency Happyface Entertainment stated, “The title song “JOKER” for Dal Shabet’s mini album, “Joker Is Alive,” is under reconsideration for broadcast by KBS.”

The song was formerly deemed unfit for broadcast due to the the fact that the lyrics “express abuse and romantic scenes between men and women.”

Dal Shabet’s agency stated that in order to be reconsidered for broadcast, the group will be changing some of the lyrics; “Hey Mr. Joker why do you shake me?” will be changed to “Hey Mr. Joker you’re a bad man,” “I want it” will be changed to “I love you,” and “I’m panting baby good night” will be changed to “come closer baby tonight.”

It seems with the lyric changes, Dal Shabet will be able to stand on stage at this week’s KBS Music Bank show, so make sure to check out their performance and stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite artists and idols.


Source: eNews 24

Image courtesy of eNews
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