Cube Makes Statement Regarding New Reports That BEAST Will Start a New Company

Image courtesy of Cube Entertainment

Just now, the Internet in Korea is abuzz with reports that BEAST has started a new agency.

According to one “inside source” at SPOTV News, “The new contract for the new company will be signed as quickly as this weekend, and BEAST will be starting anew.”

The “inside source” continues, “If it ends up that Cube Entertainment will not allow them to use the name BEAST, they are even thinking of changing their name.”

These are pretty serious accusations, and Cube has just stated that if BEAST has signed with another company, they are unaware of it. A representative from Cube just told the media: “We can’t know if the members have signed a contract to start a new company, we only know that as we are still in contract negotiations that nothing is confirmed.”

More information on all of this is sure to break in the next few minutes, so be sure to stick around moonROK for official statements and details.


Source: Herald Pop

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