After Weeks of Silence, Cube Makes Statement on BEAST’s Contracts

Image courtesy of CUBE Entertainment

A few weeks ago, it was reported by nearly every Korean media outlet that BEAST would be leaving Cube Entertainment to set up their own independent label.

This information came from a combination of those scarcely reliable “inside sources” and a slew of ominous posts on social media from the BEAST members themselves.

Cube was silent on the issue for nearly two weeks, and is now finally releasing a statement. A representative from the company told the Korean media today, “We are still in continuous discussion with BEAST about whether they’ll leave Cube. Nothing has been decided.”

Short, sweet, and to the point.

The statement comes after other reports surfaced today claiming that BEAST would be setting up their own agency with a former producer from JYP Pictures, which has been somewhat clarified (or perhaps made even more hazy) by JYP.

A representative from JYP Entertainment has told the media, “Reports came out saying that BEAST was setting up an independent agency with a producer from JYP Pictures, but this is a point we cannot talk on. It seems like whoever it is is a former producer at JYP Pictures, and they don’t know the current inner workings of the company.”

The statement doesn’t outright deny that BEAST is starting a company with a former JYP Pictures producer, but it doesn’t confirm it either, leaving many mystified as to what will happen with BEAST’s contracts.

As of now, Cube’s official statement remains that nothing has been decided about BEAST leaving the company, so for the time being we’ll stick with that until another official statement is made about the status of BEAST’s contracts.

Stick around moonROK for more updates as this JYP/Cube/BEAST saga continues to unfold.


Source: Herald Pop, Xports News

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  1. YanAnLuv 6 years ago

    Feels like Cube isn’t saying anything until things are finalized

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