A Cube Entertainment and Yedang Entertainment Both Change Names

Looks like some Korean record labels are doing a bit of spring cleaning.

Both A Cube Entertainment and Yedang Entertainment have announced today that they will be changing their names.

A Cube Entertainment will now be known as Plan A Entertainment, a decision that according to a company representative was made “after the takeover of A Cube by Loen in November of last year”.

Meanwhile, Yedang Entertainment will become Banana Culture, a name that was chosen because, “[Yedang] has partnered with Banana Project, the Chinese media group that has been receiving much attention and runs ‘Panda TV’, in order to enter into and develop in the Chinese market.”

The Banana Culture representative then clarified, “We have returned the Yedang brand name, which will go down in Korean entertainment history, to former CEO Byun Doo Seob.”

A Cube (now Plan A) is home to Apink and Huh Gak, while Yedang (now Banana Culture) is most well known for being home to EXID.


Source: Newsen, News1

Image courtesy of Banana Culture
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  1. PeaceofMind05 7 years ago
    These companies and their names…so bad.

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