Cube, Big Hit, Woollim, and Starship Will Not Send Trainees to “Produce 101” Season 2

Produce 101 | moonROK
Produce 101 | moonROK

Image courtesy of Mnet

With the massive success of the survival audition program “Produce 101,” Kpop fans the world over are anticipating season two.

The second season of “Produce 101” will follow the same format as the original season, with one major difference: the trainees will be boys.

Many are wondering whether a male season of the popular program will be as successful as the female version, especially now considering the number of entertainment companies that have announced they won’t be sending their trainees.

In addition to confirmation from both SM and YG Entertainment, now Cube, Big Hit, Woollim, and Starship Entertainment have also confirmed that they will not be sending any of their male trainees to participate on the program.

Season 2 of “Produce 101” is scheduled to begin broadcasting in the first half of 2017, so we’ll have to wait until then to see how successful the program is. Until then, we’ll be keeping you updated on the winners of the first season, I.O.I, as they wrap up their activities as a group this January.


Source: Ilgan Sports

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