Cube and BEAST Remain Deadlocked in Contract Decision, Cube Asks BEAST to Re-Sign

Image courtesy of Cube Entertainment

Cube Entertainment has just made yet another statement regarding BEAST’s contracts.

The group and their agency have been deadlocked in their negotiations regarding the renewal of BEAST’s contracts, and it seems the situation is getting desperate.

Cube has just made a statement to the Korean media once again expressing their desire for BEAST to remain at the company, saying, “Nothing has been decided yet. We are hoping that BEAST will return [to Cube]. We have offered to renew their contracts.”

The stalemate between BEAST and Cube has gone on for nearly three weeks now, following news of BEAST potentially setting up their own independent label.

moonROK will continue to keep you updated on the contract battle as more details are made available, so be sure to stick around.


Source: Herald Pop

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