Crush to Feature on Punchnello’s Debut Track

HIGHGRND‘s newest artist, Punchnello, will be releasing his debut single album, Lime, and will feature Crush on his title track.

On the 5th, HIGHGRND, a new music label headed by Tablo, uploaded a tracklist for their new debut artist’s single album. The title track for the album is “Corona,” and Crush not only features on the track but also helped compose it.

Crush and Punchnello are on the same hip-hop crew together, Club Eskimo, and Punchnello has been working with other artists such as Dean, millic, Live, and many others since before his debut. The album will be released on Sept 8th at midnight KST.

Get excited for the tracklist below, and stay tuned to moonROK as Punchnello’s debut date draws closer!



Source: JoyNews24

Visual media courtesy of HIGHGRND
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