Crayon Pop’s Soyul and Moon Heejun to Marry in February

Soyul | moonROK

Visual media courtesy of MyDaily News

Soyul of Crayon Pop and Moon Heejun, formerly of H.O.T, have announced that they will be getting married this coming February.

On the 24th, Crayon Pop’s agency, Chrome Entertainment, released a statement saying, “The couple plan to marry February of next year. However, this is definitely not a shotgun wedding.” Their agencies confirmed that two first met in a professional capacity back in April, but began to get closer from there.

Moon Heejun and Soyul both personaly uploaded their wedding announcement on their respective fan cafés. Soyul’s post read as below:

“Hello, it’s Crayon Pop’s Soyul. Time goes so quickly, winter is already here. All the Crayon Pop fans are doing well and staying healthy, right? Thanks to all the love and support our fans give us, I’ve also been doing quite well.

I have some surprising news to tell all of you today, so I’ll just get to it. You may be shocked, but I felt as if I needed to be the first one to tell my fans who have so warmly cheered me on and given me strength.

I’m very nervous and excited as I write this as well. I have met someone who faithfully loves me and cherishes and loves me with a warm heart, and we plan to get married. I know this seems sudden, but this is a decision I have made for my own life and I hope that you can cheer me on for this as well. It would be great to receive lots of warm wishes for our future together.

Even after getting married, I will not stop promotions and will continue to perform for you guys and come back a more adult version of myself. Thank you!”

Moon Heejun’s agency, KOEN Entertainment, stated, “Whether or not Moon Heejun’s wedding with Soyul is pregnancy related or not is a personal matter and will not be released.”

Source: Busan Ilbo, Ilgan Sports, MyDaily

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