Crayon Pop’s Choa Makes Musical Debut with ‘Princess Deokhye’

Crayon Pop member Choa was recently cast in the musical “Princess Deokhye” in celebration of Korea’s 70th anniversary of independence in which she will play the double role of Deokhye and Junghye.

Choa is said to be giving her all in her acting practices and rehearsals in order to give a genuine performance of the mom’s (Deokhye) life being passed down to the daughter (Junghye).

Choa stated, “I’ve always desired to become a musical actress that both sings and acts, and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to be able to enthusiastically perform in a musical. As this is my first musical, I will work hard, practice and do my best.”

The musical “Princess Deokhye” is a production that warmly communicates the issues of family and reminds us of the value of the things that we have lost through the re-telling of the tragic family story of Princess Deokhye: a woman, a mother, and Korea’s last princess. The musical will be showcased at the SH Art Hall in Daehangno, Seoul from April 3rd to June 28th


Source: News1

Image courtesy of News1
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