Crayon Pop to debut sub-unit in October & postpone full-length album

On the 23rd, Chrome Entertainment announced, “Crayon Pop members will form a sub-unit and will promote in October.” In regards to the group and concept, they further commented,  “This sub-unit will show off a different charm than that of Crayon Pop.” So, Crayon Pop’s full-length album scheduled to release in October has now been postponed.

A company representative expressed, “As this is Crayon Pop’s first album, we are putting all of our efforts into making the title track and rest of the album of high quality. While considering the group’s various concepts and styles, we decided to postpone the album because we think we need to make adjustments to it.

Along with other artists from their agency, Crayon Pop will be participating in their company concert “2014 First Chrome Family in Japan Concert” in Tokyo, Japan on October 4th at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball.


Source: Xports News

Courtesy of Chrome Entertainment
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