CNBLUE Releases First Group Teaser for ‘Cinderella’, MV to Possibly feature AOA’s Seolhyun

Just now, CNBLUE released a new teaser for their upcoming title song, “Cinderella“.

Over the past few days, the group has been releasing individual clips showing each of the members waking up to a shoe left behind at their house, leaving fans wondering who might be playing Cinderella.

With the release of today’s teaser, the mystery is finally solved. Cinderella seems to be played by none other than AOA!

As to exactly who participated in the filming we can’t be sure because their faces aren’t fully shown in the video, but Seolhyun (whose moonROK Idol Quiz you can see here!) uploaded an Instagram photo this morning with the caption, “Ah! My shoe! #cnblue_cinderella”, hinting to fans that she may be the mystery woman.

We’ll have to wait for more teasers to find out exactly who plays Cinderella, but until then check out the teaser below, and stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite artists and idols.


Source: FNC Entertainment

All visual and audio media courtesy of FNC Entertainment
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