Clazziquai Member Horan Involved in Drunk Driving Accident, All-Stop on Activities

This morning, Clazziquai member Horan was involved in a drunk driving accident.

A representative from her entertainment company has just confirmed to the media that Horan indeed was driving under the influence, and that she underwent a full police investigation following the crash.

The representative stated, “First of all, we are incredibly sorry to convey this unsavory news. On the way to her 6am live radio broadacst on September 29, Horan was involved a minor collision after drinking on the south end of Sungsu Bridge. She completed the full investigation at the police station following the accident.”

The representative continued, “Horan believes that there is no excuse and that her actions are indefensible, and she is reflecting deeply. Moving forward she will be discontinuing all broadcasts, and will be taking time to self-reflect.”

Announcer Park Eunyoung will be taking Horan’s place as a DJ for the time being. We will continue to keep you updated on Horan and your other favorite Kpop artists and idols, so be sure to stick around moonROK for all your Kpop needs.


Source: Herald Economy

Image courtesy of Herald Economy
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