Changbum Leaving 100%, Group to Make October Comeback as 5 Members

Just now, 100% member Changbum announced that he is leaving the group.

The singer uploaded a handwritten note (below) to his fan cafe with the following statement:

Hello, this is 100%’s Changbum.

It’s been some time since I’ve left a handwritten note for you all.

First, to get to the point, it is after much worrying and discussion and with a heavy heart that I have picked up the pen to inform you of the truth, that from now on I will be starting anew as “Changbum,” not “Changbum of 100%.”

I will never be able to forget the love and the support that all of you gave me over all this time. I will also never forget my members who always made me smile and were like brothers to me.

I trust that you will all understand this, as it was a decision that was made not after one or two days, but after long discussions with my company and my members.

And because I will work hard towards the day that I can stand in front of you all again after developing more, please trust and support me until the end.

This may be the end of being called “100%” for me, but because from now on I will learn even more and become an even cooler “Changbum,” please keep an eye on me.

I am sorry to the company, my members, and to you, the fans, for this decision. However please, support me to the end.

Perfection~ thank you for all that time and I am sorry!! I love you.

Following Changbum’s letter, TOP Media made an announcement of their own stating that 100% will be making a comeback without him next month. In the statement, T.O.P Media confirms that Changbum’s statement is accurate and that his departure from the group was indeed a joint decision made by the entire team. The statement also says that the members of 100% will support Changbum in his future activities.

In closing the statement the representative from TOP Media writes, “Currently, 100% is preparing diligently for their October comeback,” after confirming that the remaining 5 members will be promoting together.

moonROK will continue to keep you updated on both Changbum and 100%’s activities moving forward, so be sure to stay tuned for more on them and your favorite Kpop artists and idols.


Source: Star News, T.O.P Media

Image courtesy of Star News
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