Bumkey Suspected as a Drug Dealer, Awaiting Trial Verdict

Bumkey has been suspected as drug supplier and has been indicted.

On the 11th, according to law and entertainment sources, Seoul Eastern District Prosecutor’s Office arrested and investigated hip hop artist Bumkey for violating laws regarding psychotropic drugs late past October.

According to the report by Star News, the prosecution, while investigating a drug case, caught Bumkey handing a psychotropic drug to an acquaintance and brought him in to ask him questions.

Bumkey denied the allegations; however, on the basis of the drug users’ testimony and Bumkey’s bank account statement, he was pegged as the middle dealer. The prosecution filed for an arrest warrant, and because Bumkey denied the charges, the prosecution saw a possibility of evidence destruction and flight risk and handed him over to trial after their investigations ended in October.

Bumkey completely denied the drug sale charge brought against him and is expressing his feelings of false accusations.

One of Bumkey’s acquaintances told Star News, “Bumkey is friends with a few of the drug users that were arrested such as the music director and doctor. The money transaction that took place with one of them was a simple settlement of debt, not a dealing of drugs.”

He continued, “Even though he had nothing to do with the recent incident of drug use, Bumkey is under suspicion just because he associates with those who were. At first, Bumkey was suspected of ingesting the drugs, but his hair and urine tests came out negative.”

Currently locked up in a detention center, Bumkey is awaiting his second trial at Seoul Eastern District Court on the 11th. At this trial, a witness requested by the police will be questioned. The outcome of the trial, whether he will be found innocent or guilty, will draw much attention.

Source: Star News

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