BTS Say They Don’t Plan on Cleaning Up Lyrics for KBS

Bangtan Boys have stated that they have no plans to resubmit their lyrics for the songs that were deemed by KBS to be unfit for broadcast.

The group’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, told the media on April 22, “At this point we’re done with modifications, we have no plans to apply for reconsideration.”

This morning, KBS screened BTS’ forthcoming mini album and deemed the songs “Converse High,” “Heungtan Boys,” and “Lovers High” ineligible for broadcast.

The song “Converse High” includes the lyrics, “Converse high, Chanel, F your Alexander McQueen,” so due to its explicit mention of brand names KBS has disqualified it from broadcast.

Meanwhile, the lyrics of “Heungtan Boys” reportedly contain more brand name mentions as well as cursing, while “Lovers High” was denied for more brand mentions. 

“Lovers High” was also denied for broadcast by MBC, and is still awaiting a decision from SBS.

Usually, KBS allows groups to resubmit lyrics for reconsideration to be broadcast (as Dal Shabet recently did), but it seems that BTS will not be taking them up on that offer this time around.

You’ll be able to listen to Bangtan Boys’ third mini album, “Mood for Love,” on April 29, so until then stick around moonROK for more updates on the group’s comeback.


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment
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