BTOB’s Minhyuk Says He Was Constantly Hit On by Sunbae Girl Group Members

The Korean TV program “Radio Star” is known for being very forward with their questions towards hot topic issues, and last night’s episode was no exception.

BTOB member Minhyuk made a guest appearance on the show, where the topic of “Idol Star Athletic Championships” came up.

As host of the show, Super Junior member Kyuhyun stated “I heard that you got really popular amongst girl group members after appearing on ‘Idol Star Athletic Champsionships’,” to which Minhyuk slyly replied, “To be honest, ‘Idol Star Athletic Championships’ didn’t really matter.”

Minhyuk continued to push the envelope by saying, “After we debuted, I was told by even sunbae girl group members, ‘let’s get along closely’,” getting a rise out of everyone.

One of the hosts then followed up with the question, “Are you saying that you got hit on?” to which Minhuk replied, “Of course.”

Minhyuk further elaborated by confidently saying, “I was popular back then.” He was then asked if he was even more popular than fellow BTOB member Sungjae, to which he replied, “Of course. Back then I was way better,” eliciting laughter from the guests and hosts of the show.

Got to love that confidence! Check out the screen caps from the show below, and be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite K-pop artists and idols.


Source: MBN

Images courtesy of Cube Entertainment and MBN
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