[BREAKING] Tao’s Father Makes Personal Statement Demanding That He Leave EXO

Just now, Tao‘s father has made a statement through the Chinese media demanding that Tao leave EXO.

The statement reads:

To all of the fans who always give Tao so much love and interest, hello. I am Huang Zi Tao’s father.

I am writing these words with an aching heart and a complicated mind.

I know that my decision (for Tao to withdraw from EXO) will hurt a lot of people. It will even hurt my son Tao.

I tried very hard to convince Tao, but it seems like Tao cannot understand his selfish father.

Between him being an idol and Korea and Tao’s health, I choose Tao’s health.

In his three years with EXO, he received both large and small wounds. The back injuries, body injuries, leg injuries, etc. cannot be counted. When Tao goes on stage, I am anxious that old wounds will become deeper. After being injured, there was nothing I could do but bring Tao back to China.

Rather than receiving the support from his agency (SM), Tao only suffered injuries.

After experiencing all kinds of trials, I decided to bring Tao home, but it was already too late for him to receive the best treatment.

There is nothing more important to parents than their child’s health. Currently our family’s number one priority is Tao’s health and well-being.

Lastly, I am sorry and thankful to the agency and the EXO members. Thank you to the company for caring for and taking interest in Tao for the past three years. I am also sorry to Tao’s fans and EXO fans.


To be very clear, this statement was made by Tao’s father independent of Tao and does not necessarily mean that Tao is leaving the group. Just last week SM Entertainment made a statement confirming that Tao would not be leaving EXO.

This validity of Tao’s father’s statement has not yet been confirmed by SM Entertainment, but as multiple reputable news outlets in Korea are now reporting it, moonROK has made the decision to publish. We will keep you updated as this story continues to break.


Source: eNews

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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