Block B to Make Their Comeback in July Following Completion of US Tour

It looks like Block B will be making a comeback in July!

The group’s latest single “Jackpot” was released earlier this year in April, but their full-scale comeback was pushed back due to the tragic events surrounding the Sewol Ferry incident.

On the topic of the comeback, a representative from Seven Seasons Entertainment recently stated, “Block B are currently in the United States for their showcase tour, but the group will return to Korea to prepare for their comeback after the overseas tour is completed.”

The representative also stated that fans should be excited because Block B will be back with a new and interesting image.

moonROK will have all the details surrounding Block B’s comeback in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates!


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of Seven Seasons Entertainment
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  1. meep_13 8 years ago
    I’m looking forward to their comeback!
  2. Malliexox 8 years ago
    Super hyped to see what kind of image they’ve got in store for us this time! Can’t wait for more Block B goodness x3

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