Block B Become the First Korean Singers to Hold Concert in Miami

Members of Block B were the first Korean singers to hold a concert in Miami in the United States. 

Block B began the 3-city showcase in New York on June 22, moved onto Washington D.C. on June 24, and finished in Miami on June 27.

The concert space on Fillmore Miami Beach, where Block B held their concert, is a widely recognized place frequented by Broadway teams, famous American musicians and artists, and global musicians. Block B confirmed their popularity with loud cheers and standing ovations from the audience throughout the concert. 95% of the audience were locals, but the screaming cheer phrases rivaled those of Korean fans and reaffirmed Block B’s popularity.

Park Kyung, member of Block B, said “I didn’t know we would be met with such awesome response in the United States. I was in the U.S. when I was younger as an international student, so I feel somewhat moved to be able to visit here and perform on stage. It’s also amazing to be the first Korean singers to go on stage in Miami.” Then he wittily added, “please tell all fans who came to the concert that Park Kyung said he loves them.”

Block B returned to Korea on June 29, and on July 6 will visit Taiwan to meet international fans once more.


Source: eDaily

Image courtesy of Seven Seasons Entertainment
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