BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Reveals She Received a Casting Offer from SM Prior to Her Debut

Images courtesy of MBC

It looks like those hoping to see BLACKPINK on more variety shows will have that wish granted in 2017.

Members Rosé and Jisoo will be making an appearance on the January 11 episode of the popular talk show “Radio Star,” alongside rappers BewhY and DinDin, and according to the preview of the episode, we can expect some exciting revelations and hilarious gags from the guests.

In particular, Jisoo is drawing interest from the public after revealing that she was actually scouted by SM Entertainment. On the show, Jisoo will tell the full story of how she received a casting offer from an SM manager while she was a YG Entertainment trainee.

Anticipation for the episode is high not only due to the rarity of BLACKPINK’s televised appearances, but also because BewhY and DinDin will be engaging in a freestyle rap battle on the show.

“Radio Star” is scheduled to broadcast on January 11 at 11:10pm KST on MBC, so be sure to tune in to get the full story on Jisoo’s offer from SM, and to see BewhY and DinDin duke it out with their verses on TV.


Source: 10asia

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