BLACKPINK Talks Upcoming Debut Variety Appearance, Dieting, End of Year Awards, and More

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Today BLACKPINK made an appearance at the YG Moonshot flagship store in Seoul in celebration of the release of their new EP, SQUARE TWO.

During the event the group answered questions, many of which regarded BLACKPINK’s upcoming appearance on the popular variety show Weekly Idol.

In response, Jisoo answered, “Since this is our first ever variety appearance, we were really nervous. However, because we were tense Jung Hyungdon and Defconn were extra bright [for us]. We were able to slowly become at ease. We were so nervous during the first half of the show. It was to the point where when Jennie was talking, you could see her lips trembling.”

Lisa also chimed in on the subject of BLACKPINK’s Weekly Idol appearance by saying, “This is our first variety appearance and we were so nervous because we haven’t really shown the talking side of ourselves yet. But we gave it our all at the recording.”

Jisoo continued saying, “We didn’t practice separately [for Weekly Idol]. We just tried to show ourselves as we really are. Since it’s our first variety appearance, we’re nervous about how we’ll come out.”

The group also touched on the subject of end-of-year awards. When asked about the highly coveted “Rookie of the Year” award, Jennie replied, “I think it would be a lie to say we aren’t hoping for it. Because it’s the first award you can win after debuting, I want to win it.”

BLACKPINK also talked about their relationship with YG founder Yang Hyun Suk, with Jisoo saying, “No matter how you look at it, he has a fatherly feeling. When we do well he screencaps the charts and sends it to us and says he’s proud. He also sends us pictures of him watching us on TV, and if we do something wrong he captures that and sends it to us. He also monitors our expressions, he’s really like a dad. He communicates really well with us.”

Jennie confirmed Jisoo’s statement, saying “When we won first place he was the first one to capture it and send us his congratulations,” with Jisoo chiming in, “Yeah he sent it immediately.”

One reporter made the point that so far Teddy has produced all of their singlges, and asked BLACKPINK if they have the desire to write and perform their own music, to which the group answered, “Our stages are still lacking. When Teddy makes a song for us, we’re all in the studio together. He always asks for our opinions and we’re all satisfied with the outcome.”

When asked what one piece of feedback is that they remember, Rosé answered, “Of all the feedback we received, the fans’ feedback left the deepest impression. The fans’ warm words comfort us.” Meanwhile, Jisoo stated that “When the four of us came out we were a little worried, but hearing that we fit well together it feels good.”

The reporters also asked BLACKPINK what their diet secret is. Jennie answered, “It’s not like we don’t eat or anything. Because we have so much dance practice, it just seems like we naturally make use of all the food we eat.” Jisoo touched on the group’s diet too, saying, “In Rosé and Lisa’s situation, they’re the style that should actually be gaining weight, so when we order food I just eat a little while they eat a ton. We just control portions. We move around so much either way.”

Rosé also made a point about the group’s diet, saying, “We all eat one full chicken. Our appetite is big, but we just kind of steadily eat throughout the day instead of eating a lot at once.”

BLACKPINK recently returned with their second EP SQUARE TWO and will be making their first music show appearance for this promotion cycle on the November 6 episode of Inkigayo.


Source: Ilgan Sports, MBN, Biz Enter, Newsen

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