BLACKPINK Addresses Lack of Promotions, Talks Almost Debuting as “Pink Punk”, “Baby Monster”, or “Magnum”

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BLACKPINK has been more or less shrouded in mystery since their debut, but yesterday the group hosted a press conference in celebration of their SQUARE TWO comeback, and their answers to reporters’ questions are finally allowing us to get a little more familiar with the group.

In addition to talking about wanting to win the highly coveted “Rookie of the Year” award, their diet, and their father-daughter relationship with YG founder Yang Hyun Suk, the group also discussed their relationships with each other and their debut process.

Thai member Lisa said, “As a foreigner, at first it was hard to communicate, but my members helped me a lot. We were able to lean on each other and support one another.”

Jisoo followed up on the statement saying, “Because the four of us have the same dream, we have the same interests and the same goals, so as a result we’re able to depend on each other.”

Jennie also talked about the lead up to the group’s debut, saying, “Our hearts endured a lot when it came to whether we’d debut. We saw the official pictures as they were released, and as the news articles came out saying we would debut, time passed by month-by-month and suddenly five years had passed. Our hearts became a bit more at ease as the team composition was completed and the big picture came together.”

BLACKPINK also confessed that they nearly debuted under a different name. When asked about it, Jisoo told reporters, “Oh, am I allowed to talk about this? To be honest, we almost debuted as ‘Pink Punk’. There was also ‘Baby Monster’, and the most shocking was ‘Magnum’. We were so surprised and it was a name that we thought should change, and fortunately we ended up debuting as ‘BLACKPINK.'”

The group also addressed their lack of promotions, with Jisoo saying, “We are so thankful. We couldn’t do a lot of promotions or show a lot of performances, so we are so, so thankful that everyone listened to and loved our songs.”

Jennie also spoke up on the subject, saying “Since it hasn’t been long since our debut and there are a lot of people who don’t know us yet, rather than wanting to win first place, it seems more urgent that we do more promotions so people can get to know who we are.”

When asked what they remember most about their “BOOMBAYAH” and “Whistle” promotions, Lisa suddenly burst out, “Jisoo unnie threw her microphone!”

Jisoo explained the story, saying “Haha, during rehearsal for a music program I accidentally threw my mic down during the part of the choreography where we have to spin our hands around. From then on, I held my mic so hard that my hands turned red, hehe.”

BLACKPINK was also asked about their relationship with YG’s various senior artists. On the subject, Jisoo said “We automatically monitor our company seniors. I think that their energy and ability to seize the stage is incredible. It seems like that’s the biggest thing we can learn from them. Because our company artists have succeeded so hugely, of course we feel slightly burdened, and we think that we have to hurry and follow them so that we don’t fall behind.”

When asked if she’s received any good advice from her company seniors, Rosé answered, “As the youngest team they take good care of us. Oh yeah! And this one time on Christmas, we were practicing in the studio and Sandara Park sunbae-nim told us to eat some chicken and then had some delivered to us. It gave us strength.”

Jisoo chimed in again on the subject, saying “We consider it an honor just to be compared to our seniors, and we don’t want to depart from what they’ve done. Rather than wanting to show a different color, I think we want to show YG’s color. We don’t think it’s necessarily bad to want to follow [our seniors]. We want to resemble them in their charisma and an ability to command the stage.”

Lastly, the group was asked what they think each member’s charm is. Jisoo was quick to brag about Lisa’s improved language skills, saying, “Lisa is good at Korean. She also uses a lot of idioms and it’s so cute.”

Lisa responded by saying, “I think I’ve totally turned into a Korean person.” Jisoo then joked, “She even eats pork back-bone stew, haha.”

Jennie also revealed that Jisoo isn’t quite what she seems on the surface, saying, “I think Jisoo unnie probably has the biggest hidden side. In real life, she has a very easy-going personality; she loves games and does a lot of gags and jokes around.”

It seems like we’ll get to see that playful side of BLACKPINK soon, as Jisoo followed up Jennie’s comment by saying, “Yesterday when we filmed Weekly Idol, they told us this a lot too: we look really intense on stage, but actually we’re such kids… haha. I think everyone’s going to be very surprised.”

The broadcast date for BLACKPINK’s Weekly Idol appearance hasn’t been revealed yet, but the group begins their “Playing With Fire” and “Stay” promotions on the November 6 episode of Inkigayo.


Source: OSEN

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