Black Box Footage of Seungri’s Car Accident Released

On September 12th, BIGBANG member Seungri was involved in a serious car accident in which he struck another vehicle, resulting in his own vehicle rolling over.

The driver of the other car and their two passengers received minor injuries as a result.

Immediately following the accident, it was determined by the police who were dispatched to the scene that Seungri had not been drinking and driving, but Seungri was suspected of speeding.

According to black box footage that was analyzed yesterday and released today, the police have determined that Seungri was indeed speeding in excess.

The black box footage reveals that Seungri was traveling at between 100-110 km/hr (62-69 mph) in a 80 km/hr (50 mph) zone on the highway.

After receiving the police’s anaylsis, YG Entertainment has been notified of Seungri’s status as a suspect, as fines are often required when speeding drivers cause accidents.

The police will soon be informing Seungri that he is expected to show up at the police station, but Seungri was recently re-admitted to the hospital due to an extreme fever.


NOTE: You can view the footage of Seungri’s accident here, but be warned that it is slightly shocking.


Source: Channel A News


Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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