BIGBANG’s T.O.P Revealed to Have Curated Exhibit at Singapore Art Museum

Just now, BIGBANG member T.O.P updated his Instagram with multiple pictures and news clippings revealing that he has curated an art display at a museum in Singapore.

T.O.P has made his curatorial debut at the ArtScience Museum, where 17 works by artists from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia are on display for the Prudential Eye Zone exhibit.

T.O.P also wrote a lengthy personal statement regarding the exhibition and his interest in art:

My interest in art began from admiring the concepts and visions of world-renowned contemporary artists. Subsequently traveling around Asia, my interest naturally expanded towards young and influential Asian contemporary artists. While in Asia, I had the privilege to learn about the Prudential Eye Programme and decided to participate in the program as I felt deeply that it was a great platform to celebrate and introduce young Asian contemporary artists. Whilst it has been difficult for me to visit many exhibitions due to various concert and move related schedules, I have always made it a point to view different artworks through publications on the internet. The latter has recently become one of my most important pastimes. Every time I get to learn about a new and original artwork, I usually share this with my acquaintances. One of the reasons I am so interested in contemporary art is because it is quite intriguing to see how different people have different views and opinions about the same artwork.

Ever since I was young I have been very sensitive about my music as well as my fashion and design because the nature of my work has always revolved around expressing myself. I have always observed and studied how to possess a youthful but sophisticated emotional intelligence whilst being unique and different. These characteristics naturally led me to spend a lot of time in collecting designer furniture as well as artworks and in return it has become a great source of inner-energy and diversion from my busy life.

I sometimes have the chance to talk to new talented artists and even visit their studios to personally see how an artwork is made. Every time I see a completed artwork that the artist has put his heart and soul into, I get this excitement that I can’t describe in words. Through viewing art, I got to realize that my job as a musician and actor is very siilar to an artist in the sense that we both create something from nothing. From this realization I hope to always find inspiration for my music and how I express myself.

Keisuke Jinba, Yunhee Lee, and Kei Imazu are the artists participating in this exhibition and are artists whom I have met during business trips or when I had schedules overseas. I first encountered them through images of their works, which developed into the desire to learn more about the artists and their works by meeting them personally at art fairs and exhibitions. I wanted to introduce young artists who work with delicate details and unique concepts that are similar to expressing the beauty of a previously unseen space, but who still easily communicate with young audiences. I hope everyone who visits the Prudential Eye Zone exhibition carries home with them the beauty, inspiration, and good energy from the various artworks.

The exhibit curated by T.O.P will be on display from now until June 28, so if you’re in Singapore be sure to check it out.

If you’re not in Singapore, you can take a peek at the exhibition guide to see the pieces T.O.P helped to curate, including the works below.


Source: T.O.P.’s Instagram, Blouin Art Info

All images courtesy of respective owners
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