BIGBANG Members Explain Meaning Behind ‘BAE BAE’ MV, Talk About Sexuality and Peeking Under Skirts in Interview

BIGBANG sat down for an extensive interview with Star News to talk about the concept for their new music video, “BAE BAE” earlier today, and below is the translation of that interview.

In the interview, T.O.P said, “BIGBANG is a 10 year old team, but we cannot not always be fresh. We approached this as characters who are constantly wondering how we can embrace something new and fresh.”

On the subject of his own character in the group’s music video for “Bae Bae” T.O.P stated, “It’s an extremely pure, submissive character. I expressed myself as not knowing whether I was evil or immature. I wanted to become Jack Nicholson’s ‘Joker’, not Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’. I wanted to express myself as the kind of character who people would light-heartedly laugh at when they see.”

The article then goes on to state that amongst the members in the music video, Seungri’s visuals really stand out, to which Seungri responds, “Haha, I guess I stand out. The other members’ parts go with the beat and have raps with really strong feeling. For my part the beat drops out and I’m accompanied only by a gentle guitar. I have this shape like I’ve lit a match or am trapped in smoke, I tried to create the feeling that I was trying to save a woman who was about to vanish. Like, please, you’re the only one who can’t disappear. It was sort of… the feeling like embers fading into smoke. I tried to express the eager feelings of a man in love with a woman.”

G-Dragon, who leads off the video, stated, “Since I’m in the beginning of the song and the video, I wanted to convey the song’s literal feelings. I wanted to give off the feeling of a character’s one-sided love. It’s a timid yet innerly passionate character who cannot approach the beautiful opposite sex. This time around we deliberately tried to make a 19+ rated music video, but to be honest there’s nothing that explicit in it. It seems to just be the clothes; we put in the kind of images that Koreans love from old 19+ rated movies like ‘Mulberry’ or ‘Rottweiler Owner’ (smiles). Not like I’ve seen those movies or anything.”

T.O.P then chimed in, joking, “We imagined our ancestors.” He continued, “Rather than worrying about being sexually aggressive, we worried, ‘will we be able to do this while wearing a hanbok?’ So we did ‘ice kkekki (peeking under the skirts)’… (smiles)… It’s feels like a joke they would play in the past. We did an ancestor concept. Ancestors who are a little bad, haha.”

G-Dragon talked more about the old feeling of the music video, saying, “This music video is polished yet also has an old timey feel; we sought out a feeling that was right and wrong all at once. Having the foreigners wearing hanboks also adds to that dimension.”

When asked what the random inclusion of rice cakes was all about, GD responded, “You know, in the old days, rabbits would pound rice into flour. That’s the meaning. That’s why we’re all playing on the moon. Everything [in the music video] is linked.”

[NOTE: there is old Korean folklore that says when you look at the moon, you can see a rabbit standing beside a Cassia tree, pounding rice into flour to make heavenly rice cakes, which is what GD is talking about here when he links rice cakes with rabbits pounding flour and the BIGBANG members playing on the moon.]

The interviewer then asked the BIGBANG members if they thought that this was a well-made music video. Taeyang responded by saying, “At first during our initial meetings, the directors came to take care of our ideas, but we completely changed our minds. We kept coming up with new ideas so we entertainingly and wittily made [the music video] scene-by-scene.”

Daesung then piped up, saying, “To be honest, my character in the music video was grasped by the director; it was not something without meaning but instead…well I wanted to create something that only I myself could show. I kind of like being alone, and rather than just talking I like saying only the words that are most important, you see. I’m drifting on a deserted island, but my clothes reflect the colorful side of myself that I show when I’m working.”

G-Dragon added in another perspective on Daesung’s part, saying, “I went to the location when Daesung was filming his scene, and… how do I say this… he had this feeling of a new age, naughty boy prince. There’s that thing you know… the feeling of ‘New Chunhyang’. It’s the feeling of a young prince with a wild aura.”

Lastly, the reporter asked about the scene in which a long-haired Taeyang rides on a horse. Taeyang explained, “To be honest I thought it would be hilarious if I rode a horse in the music video. In old Western movies, riding a horse has a sexual emphasis. The woman riding behind me is like a mirage I’m imagining. I wanted to revive that warm, old-timey feeling.”

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Source: Star News


All images courtesy of YG Entertainment
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