Big Bang to Hold 10 Year Anniversary Concert

Big Bang will be holding a concert to celebrate their 10 year anniversary since debut.

The ‘BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT – ‘0.TO.10’ concert will be held at the Sangam World Cup Stadium on August 20th and will highlight the best of Big Bang’s hit over their ten year career as one of K-pop’s biggest artists. Tickets to the concert will go up for auction on July 14th at 8pm KST.

Big Bang plans to showcase many different images of themselves through various stages, performances, and events for the concert in order to give the fans the most memorable experience possible. The members themselves have taken a personal active role in preparing many different ideas for this special concert, so expectations are rising.

Since their debut in 2006, the group has had countless hit songs and they plan to showcase the best of them at their concert, starting for the earlier songs all the way up until the recent hits for a special concert experience. Big Bang’s last concert tour ended in March, and for those fans that were not able to attend, this anniversary concert gives them another opportunity to see Big Bang live.

Big Bang’s ‘MADE TOUR’ had concert dates in China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and other Asian countries, as well as the US, Mexico, Canada, and other countries in North America and Oceania, for a total of 13 countries, 32 cities, and 150,000 fans.

About the 10th anniversary concert, Seungri said, “We will be holding our 10th anniversary concert this summer in Seoul, Korea. We will be preparing for the concert in a grander stadium for an even better concert experience.” Leader G-Dragon also said, “This 10 year anniversary concert will be a very important day for us, but there will still be many more days in the future for us to sing and grow together.”


Source: OSEN

All visual media courtesy of OSEN
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