Big Bang Announces a ‘Five Month Comeback’

After three years with no full group comeback, Big Bang has announced that they will be releasing a single album every month for five months. Although this sounds ambitious, each album will only include a handful of songs.

A representative of YG Entertainment said that they definitely planned on releasing single albums as opposed to digital singles, meaning mroe songs can be included on each release, beginning on May 1st.

Big Bang also has big eyes for their promotions during these next five months, and plan to focus mainly on Mnet’s “M Countdown” and SBS “Inkigayo,” but are in talks about performing also on KBS “Music Bank” and “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.” Since it has been so long since they performed on stage in front of their Korean fans, they plan to perform for as many fans as possible.

While Big Bang are known as the music chart all-killers, it’s not easy to rise to the top of the charts with a digital single alone. In the last three years since Big Bang has actively promoted as a group, many younger groups have used that time to make a name for themselves, so the competition may be tougher than Big Bang expects. It seems that they have chosen to go with the single albums for each comeback rather than digital singles to help combat the opposition.

Just before their May 1st comeback date, Big Bang will be holding their “Big Bang 2015 World Tour: Made in Seoul” tour at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul.



Source: MyDaily

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