Rapper Beenzino to Enlist in Regular Army Service

Beenzino | moonROK
Beenzino | moonROK

Image courtesy of Illionaire Records

Despite many misleading reports, rapper Beenzino will not be joining the conscripted police force for his mandatory military service.

On the 23rd, Beenzino’s name was on the list of applicants for the 349th division of conscripted policemen, but he did not take the required physical exam and aptitude test by the deadline.

A representative of Beenzino’s entertainment, Illionaire Records, stated, “Although Beenzino did apply to take the conscripted police exam, he has no plans of joining that division. The conscripted police division was just one of many divisions Beenzino applied to in anticipation of his military service next year. As far as I know, he is currently considering joining the army for his service, although he has not yet decided on a concrete date for enlistment.

Recently, Big Bang’s TOP and JYJ’s Junsu announced that they would be joining the conscripted police service on February 9th of next year.


Source: StarNews

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