BEAST Leaves CUBE, Sets Up Independent Label


Image courtesy of BEAST

A month after their contract ended at CUBE Entertainment, BEAST has finally decided not to resign at the company.

According to a representative, BEAST has established their own corporation to handle their activities and promotions. The representative stated, “They have finished preparations for establishing their own corporation to handle BEAST affairs and formal contracts will be signed soon.” They plan to inform the fans as soon as all of the paperwork has been completed.

BEAST’s contract ended with CUBE on October 15th, and it was after the contract had already ended that BEAST began preparing to form their own agency. A CUBE representative stated that there had been an offer to promote under an affiliated label in talks as well, but during deliberation on whether or not BEAST would choose that route, resign with CUBE, or stay, BEAST received an investment from a Hong Kong company and set up their own agency.

During this process, BEAST may no longer use that name, and the group no longer has the rights to any BEAST song that had been released while under the CUBE contract without serious further legal discussions on copyright matters.

Since the contract ended, the members have continued their solo activities such as acting and releasing OST tracks that they had previously committed to.

Stay tuned to moonROK for more details on BEAST’s new company and possible new name and comeback!

Source: Sports DongAh

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