BEAST to Potentially Leave Cube to Form Independent Label

Image courtesy of BEAST Official

It was reported on October 16 that BEAST collectively decided against renewing their contracts with Cube Entertainment, and instead plan on setting up their own independent agency for the group.

According to reports from the Korean media, BEAST is thankful to Cube Entertainment for having debuted them and taken care of the group thus far, but they decided not to renew their contracts with Cube because the members collectively agreed they would like to seek new challenges.

A few of the members of the group uploaded messages to their social media accounts which seem to imply some sort of change as well. Leader Doojoon wrote, “This is the start of Part 2 for BEAST. Everybody, fighting.” The day before the news broke, Doojoon also uploaded a message that read, “Many things will probably change, and I hope that everyone will acclimate quickly! Moving forward, please watch over us.”

Meanwhile, Yoseob uploaded a message reading “We will sing even more for fans in the future,” and Kikwang uploaded on saying, “We will repay you with an even better image. Please watch over us for a long time into the future, I hope you’ll follow us.”

That being said, these messages also coincide with BEAST’s 7th anniversary, so there’s really no telling whether the messages are in reference to that, or to a change in management.

Nothing has been confirmed directly by Cube Entertainment representatives, or officially by the BEAST members either, but moonROK will have all the updates for you as they are made available.

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