Bang Yongguk to Sit Out B.A.P Promotions Due to Panic Disorder

Images courtesy of TS Entertainment

It has just been announced that due to the severity of his panic disorder, B.A.P member Bang Yongguk will not be promoting with B.A.P this time around.

TS Entertainment has just made an official statement on the matter that translates as following:

Hello, this is TS Entertainment.

First of all we want to thank everyone who has expressed their support for B.A.P’s second full-length album ahead of its upcoming November 7 release.

We are sorry to have to convey such miserable news, but due to some health problems, leader Bang Yongguk went to the hospital where he received the diagnosis that he has a panic disorder.

As such, after considering his own opinion and that of the members, it was ultimately decided that in order to prioritize Bang Yongguk’s recovery, the group will promote as five members for the upcoming second album’s promotion cycle. At the same time, Bang Yongguk plans to take actions to receive professional help to focus on recovering as quickly as possible.

The members will try even harder to fill the leader’s empty spot, and to show an image worthy of this album which was prepared with [all of the group’s] heart and soul, and for all for all of the fans and the members themselves who waited so long for this album.

We hope you will continuously show interest in and support B.A.P in the future.

B.A.P just released their first round of teasers for their full-length album NOIR today (see below), and the group is scheduled to make their comeback with it on November 7. It looks like Bang Yongguk will be sitting out promotions until further notice, so moonROK will continue to keep you updated on his condition, as well as B.A.P’s activities as five members in the coming weeks.


Source: Star News

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