Baek A Yeon Drops “Just Because” Featuring JB of GOT7

GOT7 | moonROK
GOT7 | moonROK

Audio and visual media courtesy of JYP Entertainment

Baek A Yeon has released her Christmas track “Just Because” featuring GOT7 member JB.

The song is a mellow holiday track, and Baek A Yeon’s voice is complemented well by JB’s deeper vocals. JYP, the founder of Baek A Yeon and GOT7’s entertainment agency, posted on his Instagram this morning, saying, “I already know that [Baek] A Yeon’s voice melted my heart, but I had no idea JB could sing this sweetly. He’s a cool guy with a sweet side.”

The song has already been charting well in Korea, earning its way to first place on a handful of music charts. You can find the link to purchase the song on iTunes, and you can also check it out below.



Source: XSports News

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