Baek Jiyoung To Hold Solo Concert in September

“Diva” Baek Jiyoung is planning on meeting her fans through a solo concert.

Baek Jiyoung will be hosting the second episode of “2014 Baek Jiyoung Show: That Woman” this coming September 20th.  This year marks the 15th anniversary of this dance hit slash ballad singer, who, including OST songs, has released around 160 tracks and dominates the music charts as the country’s top female vocalist. The concert won’t just be for her varied musical repertoire, but also a comfortable “healing scene” for 120 guests and can be expected to showcase her uniquely easy-going and relaxing voice.

To really express the feeling behind the title of this solo concert, Baek Jiyoung will release everything she has into her multi-dimensional performance style for the viewers. A speaker for this concert, hosted by Baek Jiyoung’s company Music Works and co-sponsored by CJ E&M, had this to say, “This will not simply be a concert for just music and talk; attendees will have to use their eyes, ears, and emotions to get the full story. Like a musical, the concert will express the story of “That Woman,” both visually and audibly.”

The idea behind this concert is the eagerness to plainly show the various charms of Baek Jiyoung’s performance style as it naturally exists by letting the guests take an active part in the performance, and planning to break free of the confining, stereotypical “sweet love songs” and “bold, sexy dancing” genres.

“Sometimes exciting, sometimes fervent, sometimes mellow, and sometimes breathtaking, Baek Jiyoung will show share her emotions with the crowd in an impactful way to make sure that the entire audience is engaged in the performance. This is our chance to showcase the diverse skill set that the musical scene’s top diva possesses,” a representative explained.

Everyone in attendance can be expected to fall in love with Baek Jiyoung’s pitta-bird like charms in a performance that encompasses the living story of a female vocalist with a background in ballads and dance tracks that can tackle any genre. For those unable to attend, the performance bespeaks a new image that can soon be expected from Baek Jiyoung.

Tickets go on sale July 16th at 3pm on Interpark.


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Image courtesy of eDaily
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