Baek Ji Young Reveals New Digital Single Album Artwork

Baek Ji Young has released the jacket artwork for her collaboration album with Song Yoobin, “Garosugil at Dawn.”

On the 16th, a Music Works representative shared the artwork for the digital single via social media sites. The artwork, photos of Baek Ji Young and Song Yoobin looking in opposite directions, styled to look like a drawing, gives an emotional feel that is sure to be a hint at what the song will be like when it’s released.

Music Works has been publicly dropping hints at Song Yoobin’s debut since the 9th, as well as collaboration plans with Baek Ji Young, but an audio teaser has yet to be released for the track.

A representative said, “For ‘Garosugil at Dawn,’ Baek Ji Young’s plaintive voice and Song Yoobin’s mellow voice will blend together like a dream in this ballad song”

While filming the music video for the song, Baek Ji Young’s fans provided the production staff with a full service food truck.

Baek Ji Young herself uploaded a proof shot of the gift on her Instagram, saying, “Here’s the food truck that came to our music video shoot yesterday! Thank you, my Rouge (Baek Ji Young’s fans)! You saved my singing spirit during the shoot! Thanks to my fans, my energy will continue~”

The song will be released on the 24th.



Source: TV Report, WowTV, Baek Ji Young’s Instagram

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