Baek Ji Young Reveals Her Two Homes

Baek Ji-young recently revealed both of her houses on television, giving the public an idea of her life away from the camera.

After getting married, moving to their second home, and finally getting “a home of their own,” the couple Baek Ji-young and Jung Suk-won revealed their happy real life in March issue of Woman Sense, becoming a hot topic of conversation. Baek Ji-young even comically stated that her favorite room in the house was the one with the largest TV.

The married couple exhibited their newly moved in house through the March issue of Woman Sense, published on the 26th. Like the young couple they are, the interior of their house was sensible, stylish, and practical, reflecting their ideas in every space.

The structure and interior of the house shown in the pictures mirror the couple’s intent on being intentionally considerate of each other. Baek Ji-young gave her husband a soundproof study to practice his acting and a sofa to rest comfortably as a gift, and Jung Suk-won gave her a convenient “ㄷ” shaped kitchen and a minimalistic bathroom to relax in after a busy schedule.

Park Ji-hyun, the head of the company, Dall and Style, that was in charge of remodeling Baek Ji-young and Jung Suk-won’s new home, stated, “Whenever I proposed a new style, Baek Ji-young and Jung Suk-won always responded in a positive way. Just as I had heard, the couple was cool and easy-going.”

Netizens who saw Baek Ji-young’s new house responded “Baek Ji-young’s home revealing, her house is really great,” “Baek Ji-young’s home revealing, look at the size of the TV, it’s like a theater,” Baek Ji-young’s home revealing, Jung Suk-won with his soundproof study, Baek Ji-young with her bathroom,” “Baek Ji-young’s home revealing, I’m jealous,” “Baek Ji-young’s home revealing, they must not want to come out of the house,” “Baek Ji-young’s home revealing, minimal is the best.”

Jung Suk-won is in the middle of shooting for the movie “DaeHo,” and Baek Ji-young is receiving love for her new OST “Because of you” for the SBS drama “Hyde, Jekyll, Me.”

You can see and find our more about Baek Ji-young and Jung Suk-won’s new home and lovely marriage story in the March issue of Woman Sense. 


Source: JoongAng Daily

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