B2M Entertainment Makes Official Statement on Reports of Nicole’s Comeback

Just a few hours ago, it was TV Report wrote an article stating that ex-KARA member Nicole would be making her comeback this October under B2M Entertainment.

According to the report, entertainment officials stated that Nicole has chosen her debut song and is currently rehearsing for her solo debut.

Also according to the report, Nicole’s solo debut song has the same sort of feeling that Lee Hyori’s solo songs do. Additionally, the TV Report article stated that because Nicole is now under B2M Entertainment, whose CEO used to be one of KARA’s managers, that her synergy with her new company is great.

However, just now, B2M Entertainment representative Kil Jonghwa stated, “It is true that I recieved a request from Nicole to work together, but we have not yet finalized the contracts with each other.”

Representative Kil continued, “Both Nicole and the company are currently thinking about the contract, and it seems like we will be able to nail down all of the terms and conditions and finalize the contract soon.”

Representative Kil also stated, “Since I’ve known Nicole since she was a trainee, I know her potential very well. Nicole is targeting an October comeback, and once we complete her full contract, it seems that we will be able to support that.”


Source: TV Report and Star News


Image courtesy of TV Report
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