B1A4’s Agency Releases Teaser for New 8 Member Girl Group

Earlier today, WM Entertainment revealed the first teaser image for what the Korean media is calling “B1A4‘ s Little Sister Group.”

The image consists of 8 different pictures showing the members of the group, but not revealing their faces.

The teaser image also reveals each of the members’ names: Mimi, Jiho, YooA, SeungHee, Jin E, Arin, Binnie, and Hyojung.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, it seems that the group’s name will be OMG, due to the fact that the group’s newly created Instagram account has the username @wm_omg, and that the first upload came with the caption: “#OMG READY?

Not much else has been released about WM Entertainment’s new girl group yet, so stick around moonROK for more updates on their debut!


Source: Dispatch

Image courtesy of WM Entertainment
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