B1A4 and Others to be Questioned About Harassment Case

B1A4 | moonROK
B1A4 | moonROK

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Following a report yesterday that comedienne Lee Se Young would be undergoing police investigation for allegations of sexually harassing the members of B1A4 on “SNL Korea,” it has now been announced that in addition to B1A4, male idol groups Block B and Infinite would also be questioned regarding their own instances of harassment while backstage for “SNL Korea.”

Investigators went to question these groups to receive their statements earlier this week, but due to Zico being in Hong Kong for the 2016 MAMA, Block B’s questioning has been temporarily postponed.

You can find videos and a more detailed summary in the article linked above, and again right here, but in short, videos were leaked of a “pre-show ritual” backstage at “SNL Korea” which involves the female staff members rushing male idol groups and grabbing them inappropriately. Fans of B1A4 became outraged at the footage and reported the incident to the police, after which point videos of Infinite and Block B were also similarly discovered and reported.

Lee Se Young, the main suspect in this harassment case, who was present for all three instances, has uploaded a formal apology on her social media accounts and withdrawn herself from the show. The show itself also uploaded an official apology on its Facebook page, but the fans who originally reported the case are continuing with the investigation.

A representative for B1A4 said that the group received an apology from both the production crew and Lee Se Young, and would like to focus on their comeback promotions.


Source: XSports News, BizEnter, Instiz

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