B.A.P Releases Director’s Cut Version of “Skydive” Music Video

B.A.P | moonROK
B.A.P | moonROK

Audio and visual media courtesy of TS Entertainment


B.A.P has just released a director’s cut version of their “Skydive” music video from their recent comeback album, Noir.

“Skydive,” got a lot of attention for its ten minute long, violent crime thriller themed music video. The original music video mixes dance cuts and close up shots with a very dramatic and intense gang war plotline acted out by the B.A.P members themselves.

This time, the group has released a director’s cut version of the music video, in which all dance scenes and solo shots have been cut out, and the music video now runs like a full movie, giving more detail and insight into the original plotline.

The director’s cut version of the music video has more gore than the original, but still runs the same length of time as the first music video. You can check out the director’s cut below, and stay tuned to moonROK for all the latest Kpop updates!





Source: 1theK

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